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Sheri Clark  •  Old Saybrook, Connecticut, USA

The Lagotto Romagnolo, Italy's adorable 'truffle dog,' goes back to at least Renaissance Italy, where they were bred as waterfowl retrievers working the marshlands of Ravenna. (“Lago” is Italian for “lake.”) The breed sports a curly coat and lavish facial furnishings. Despite their plush-toy looks, Lagotti are durable workers of excellent nose. Its traditional function was as a gun dog, specifically a water retriever; since the drainage of large areas of wetland habitat in its area of origin. Now, Lagotti are unmatched in rooting out truffles, a dainty and pricey delicacy.

Italians have a word for it: 'carino.' In English, we say 'cute.' In any language, this breed is totally endearing. The Lagotto Romagnolo (plural: Lagotti Romagnoli) is known for wooly curls that cover the body head to tail, crowned by a lavish beard, eyebrows, and whiskers. Lagotti stand under 20 inches and weigh no more than 35 pounds. But don't be fooled by their teddy-bear looks, these are rugged workers of true strength and endurance. The breed's trademark curls feel and behave more like human hair than fur.

As a working breed, the Lagotto needs frequent mental stimulation and physical exercise to be happy and content. If properly socialized they get along well with dogs, children and other small pets. The breed comes in various shades of brown, with or without white, orange, with or without white, off-white, white with brown or orange patches, and brown roan. Tan markings are allowed.

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photo of Sheri Clark

I'm Sheri Clark, the breeder and owner of Sherlyn Kennels located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, halfway between Boston and New York City.
I offer top-quality Lagotto Romagnolo and Yorkshire Terrier puppies for families who share the same love and passion I do for these lovely companions. I produce pups that will continue to excel in their chosen field, whether showing, or as an active companion. Quality is more important than quantity. woman holding her dog I have always been an avid animal lover. I strive to produce quality puppies for families that are structurally sound, healthy, intuitive and have wonderful temperaments, and my goal is to produce a great representation of the Yorkshire Terrier and to continue improving the line with each generation.

I regularly participate in conformation shows and started breeding to continue and improve upon my prized Yorkshire Terrier line as well as my Lagotti Romagnoli. It's such an honor to represent these breeds and create opportunities for others to experience the same joy that I've found in raising these wonderful dogs. I love being a breeder. It's so fulfilling to see the positive effect that a beloved, furry companion can have on his or her family, and my passion for these breeds is poured into every aspect of my breeding program. I truly love my dogs and what I do.

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By this point, you've likely researched the Lagotto and decided it will be a good match for you and your family.  Now, keep in mind the old adage about bringing a new puppy into your family: "choose your breeder, not the puppy."

Your goal is to find the breeder that will provide you with the best chances of getting a healthy and temperamentally sound dog that conforms to the aspects that attracted you to the breed in the first place. You should want a breeder that will be there in the future to answer questions and concerns you may have about your puppy/dog and one that stands behind their puppies. You should also want a dedicated breeder that possesses years of experiences and knowledge so your puppy will be the result of careful planning. Only then can a breeder offer you the predictability and consistency of quality in health and temperament from their breedings.

In your email, include a little information about yourselves. Let me know why you want a Lagotto, whether you have other dogs in your family and what breed they are, do you have young children, is there room for exercise, and whatever other basic information you want to share. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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